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Ford Leads Industry In AutoPacific Ideal Vehicle Awards

For the second consecutive year, the Ford Motor Company bested all other automakers to have the most individual segment winners in the AutoPacific Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVAs), and also for the second consecutive year, it wasn’t even close. While seven different Blue Oval products ranked highest in their categories in this year’s IVAs, no other company had more than three winners. This year’s honorees were chosen based on survey responses from more than 72,000 vehicle owners/lessees, who gauged how well their rides performed in areas such as comfort, ride and handling, cargo space, and fuel efficiency. Continue reading

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New Harley-Davidson F-150 Ready For The Spotlight

One of the industry’s most exciting partnerships is breaking barriers once again, with Ford recently debuting the 2012 Harley-Davidson F-150 —A full-size pickup that offers a full-size dose of performance, style and power. As is always the case when these two brands get together, the new H-D F-150 offers a bold and aggressive look, in this case highlighted by exterior details like a six-bar billet-style bright chrome grille with “Harley-Davidson” badging, 22-inch machined-aluminum wheels, deployable running boards, and a choice of two premium paint schemes: The traditional Tuxedo Black and, for the first time, White Platinum Tri-Coat. Continue reading

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Five Fords Named Among MT’s “Most Wanted American Cars”

Although America’s 235th birthday has now come and gone, the vehicles on the recent list of 2011’s “Most Wanted American Cars,” put together to celebrate the occasion by the automotive experts at Motor Trend , are still setting off fireworks—especially for Ford. After all, fully half of the entries on the list (which only considered American-branded vehicles) were built by the Blue Oval, including: Fiesta —The top choice in the Subcompact category, the Fiesta, was a huge hit, with MT editors writing that: “You know that solid CRACK a baseball makes when it meets an oak bat, sweet spot to sweet spot? The Fiesta does that in two significant areas: styling and build quality. Continue reading

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Ford Creates Studio For Homegrown Innovations

Ford and do-it-yourself (DIY) enterprise TechShop , have teamed up to create TechShop Detroit, a studio giving everyday inventors, from backyard tinkerers to tech-savvy engineers, a place to turn their dreams into reality. Teams from Ford and TechShop first met up in spring 2010 at the largest DIY showcase, Maker Faire in San Mateo, Calif. Continue reading

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Three-cylinder, 1.0-Liter Engine To Be Ford’s Smallest EcoBoost Yet

Thanks to a significant effort from Ford’s powertrain engineers, the automaker is putting a whole new spin on the old saying that “good thing’s come in three’s.” That’s because Ford is preparing to launch its first three-cylinder, 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine, which will offer good things like improved fuel efficiency , decreased emissions and increased power to small-car customers around the globe—including those in the U.S. “Consumers are telling us that they want to buy affordable vehicles that get many more miles per gallon,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s group vice president of Global Product Development. Continue reading

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Ford Invests $100 Million In Advanced Quality Systems

Ford is continuing to drive vehicle-quality forward, with a recent $100 million investment that will be used to support the use of cutting-edge robotic laser-inspection technology at its manufacturing facilities around the world. And notably, this includes the automaker’s Chicago Assembly Plant , where the technology is already in place boosting the quality of the all-new Ford Explorer. “Ford’s robotic laser technology gives us a degree of precision like never before,” said Ron Ketelhut, chief engineer, Body Construction Engineering. Continue reading

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Ford Discovers That Americans Actually Like Hatchbacks

Car buyers are looking for versatility as well as fuel economy. That’s while many are steering clear of SUVs and crossovers, and are driving toward hatchbacks and five-door cars. Continue reading

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Ford Joins Ken Block For Gymkhana World Tour

Fans of Ken Block’s over-the-top, on-the-edge driving style will be excited about the the driver’s latest news. He will be taking his Ford Fiesta and the Gymkhana party to Austria, Australia and the United States in the inaugural Gymkhana World Tour. Continue reading

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Ford Brings Virtual Showroom To PlayStation Home

Ford hopes to reach millions of gamers with the launch of a new virtual showroom on PlayStation Home . The Blue Oval is the first automaker to launch a space within the North American version of PlayStation Home, which currently has more than 20 million users. PlayStation Home is a free-to-play, dynamic social game platform developed for the PlayStation 3 system and can be accessed by users via the PlayStation Network Continue reading

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Ford Confirms Three-Cylinder EcoBoost, 8-Speed Auto

Ford is quickly adding its fuel-sipping EcoBoost powertrains into every vehicle it sells in North America, and the automaker will soon add a new 1.0-liter EcoBoost three-cylinder – the smallest engine Ford has ever built – to the lineup as well. Continue reading

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