Car Wheel Restoration near Seattle

Car Wheel Restoration near SeattleCar wheels are in a dangerous place; with their exposure to the road, debris, and other elements that can damage them, they can get scuffed, bent, or dented. Sometimes this damage is cosmetic, while sometimes it can be more serious. Knowing when to repair and when to replace is key to keeping your car in good condition, but not paying for a brand new wheel if you don’t have to. Car Wheel Restoration near Seattle is provided by auto repair companies that specialize in cosmetic and structural repair and restoration.

Types of Wheel Damage You May Encounter

When you’re looking for Car Wheel Restoration near Seattle, there are a few types of damage that your wheel can sustain. Damaged wheels can mean that your tires wear unevenly, your gas mileage is reduced, or your car becomes more difficult to handle. Not repairing a structurally-damaged wheel can result in a potentially deadly tire blowout. Some people may want to keep their car in a good shape, so they may opt for cosmetic restoration even if their wheel isn’t badly damaged.

Wheel damage can occur as a result of an accident or a collision, as well as potholes. Pulling too close to a curb and scraping your wheel against it can also cause damage. If you drove a ways on a flat tire, your wheel may also be bent out of shape or otherwise damaged. A good rule of thumb is to circle your car before getting into it, checking each wheel and tire for damage. If you find something is wrong, then get in contact with your provider of Car Wheel Restoration near Seattle immediately.

Fast and Convenient Car Wheel Repair and Restoration Near Seattle

Bent or broken rims tend to be repairable if they’re not cracked or the lug holes aren’t damaged. Most mechanics can fix the damage, and can keep you from needing to buy brand-new wheels. Get your wheel assessed by a mechanic before you rush out to buy a replacement. If your problem is entirely cosmetic, then you can also talk to your mechanic or detail shop about alloy restoration and finishing, to get your wheels to look as good as new.

Auto Concepts Northwest provides Car Wheel Restoration near Seattle at competitive prices. We have helped customers from Everett, Mukilteo, Edmonds, Seattle, Mill Creek, and beyond. If you would like more information or to easily schedule an appointment you can reach us by phone at 855-630-6693.

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Car Shock Replacement in Everett

Car Shock Replacement in EverettShocks and struts are an important part of any car’s suspension system—a faulty suspension is highly noticeable in the ride quality of the car, and is, unfortunately, inevitable as those parts wear down. While struts and shocks are considered by mechanics a reliable and long-lasting auto component, they do eventually need to be replaced, like anything else on a car. If you’ve noticed your car bouncing up and down uncontrollably, then it may be time to get Car Shock Replacement in Everett.

Signs of Worn-Out Shocks

The poor ride quality is just one of the signs that you need to get in touch with your mechanic for Car Shock Replacement in Everett. If your vehicle “rolls” on turns, or just feels overly bouncy in general, you’ll need to get your shocks or struts inspected. Larger vehicles may show a tendency to “nosedive” when braking, with the front starting to point towards the ground more. Conversely, when starting from a stop, your vehicle will “squat” a little, with the rear end being lowered by the forces and the front end pointing up. If your shocks need replacing, your tires will also wear down unevenly. Finally, while shocks or struts aren’t as easy to see, if you notice anything leaking alongside these symptoms, it’s probably time to get your suspension checked out.

The Basics of Our Car Shock Replacement in Everett

There’s no fast and hard number for when you need to get your car shock replacement, much like with most car parts. Your best bet will always be to consult your car’s owner’s manual, which will give you all the information for when you should change your components. Generally, the number will be somewhere between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. However, some people prefer to wait until a problem presents itself, since shock replacement is said to be expensive. If you’re not sure about the condition of your shocks, and aren’t sure whether it’s time for Car Shock Replacement in Everett, you can take it to a reputable mechanic or dealership to get it checked out. They can give you a bigger picture of how your car’s components are faring.

Auto Concepts Northwest offers car shock replacement, auto detailing, and other automotive repair and maintenance services. We work fast, and our mechanics are friendly. To set up your appointment, get in touch with us through our website, or call our number directly at 855-630-6693. We are also conveniently located at 10420 Evergreen Way South in Everett, WA 98204. We look forward to helping you keep your vehicle running for years to come.

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Car Belt Replacement in Everett

Depending on the age of your car, you’ll either have a drive belt or a timing belt under your hood. These belts can be integral to keeping your car going, and can cause a lot of trouble if they break or malfunction. Most shops offer Car Belt Replacement in Everett, and most manufacturers recommend getting your replacement at a certain set interval.

Car Belt Basics

Car Belt Replacement in EverettThough it may all seem similar to the inexperienced, drive belts, timing belts, and serpentine belts all take on different purposes. A drive belt is a component that powers items such as the water pump, power steering pump, and other accessories. Older cars have a drive belt for each component, while newer ones have one single belt, the serpentine belt. In addition, it’s likely that most people have heard of the timing belts. The timing belt synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshafts, ensuring that the automobile’s valves open at appropriate times. Cars with interference engines rely on the timing belt to prevent the piston from striking the valve, potentially damaging components. It’s easy to forget about checking your belts when there are so many other components, but making sure to properly schedule your Car Belt Replacement in Everett can go a long way towards keeping you from having any troublesome surprises.

The Importance of Timely Car Belt Replacement in Everett

Owner manuals are the most reliable authority to find out when to replace your timing belt—typically, the schedule is every 60,000 miles or so, although manufacturers are working on making longer-lasting belts, some which can last as long as 100,000 miles. A serpentine belt is similar—both belts are made to last, but constant use can wear them down. It’s better to not take chances with Car Belt Replacement in Everett. Make sure that you schedule your maintenance as often as your owner’s manual recommends it, and check for any cracks, wear, or anything else that can cause your belt to fail earlier. Keeping up with your maintenance and knowing how your car’s doing is the best way to stay away from any possible surprises.

If you need maintenance or a Car Belt Replacement in Everett, contact Auto Concepts Northwest Solutions. We are conveniently located at 10420 Evergreen Way South in Everett, WA 98204, you can also reach us by phone at 855-630-6693. We specialize in auto repair, detailing, and more. Let us help you keep your car in prime running condition, for great low prices.

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Car Timing Belt Repair in Everett

If you have a car, then there’s no doubt that you’ve heard a thing or two about replacing components at certain intervals. Most of the commonly talked-about replacements of this sort includes spark plugs and timing belts. If you’ve been looking at your owner’s manual, you may see that it’s time for Car Timing Belt Repair in Everett.

The Importance of a Timing Belt

Roller and timing beltYour timing belt is the part of your engine that governs and synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft, allowing for accurate timing of the valves in the car that open and close. If you have an interference engine, then your timing belt also helps prevent the piston from striking the valves, which can cause even more damage to occur. Like many parts of your engine, it’s one of the most important maintenance items in your car, and if it fails, you’ll be stuck. Make sure to check, just in case, whether you have an interference or a non-interference engine. Since it gets so much use, your timing belt can either snap, or its teeth can be stripped off if it’s not properly maintained and replaced at the right time. While it’s possible to do the job yourself, getting professional Car Timing Belt Repair in Everett ensures that you’ll get the job done right the first time.

When To Repair Your Timing Belt

As mentioned before, when to get your Car Timing Belt Repair in Everett depends entirely on how old your vehicle is, as well as what model it is. The old rule of thumb was every 60,000 miles, but improvements in technology have lengthened that—some can be changed as late as 100,000 miles along, and more manufacturers are experimenting with the idea of a timing belt that will be able to last throughout a car’s lifespan. We’re not quite there yet, however, so it’s better to be safe and make sure that you get timing belt repair and replacement before the belt decides to break on you.

Here at Auto Concepts Northwest we specialize in the repair and maintenance of hundreds of different makes and models of vehicles, including classic and foreign models. We are conveniently located at 10420 Evergreen Way South in Everett, WA 98204. Our website details our menu, and gives you access to coupons that allow you to save money on your auto service. If you need a helping hand from us, simply get in touch through our contact form or call us.

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Car Maintenance Services in Everett

Auto mechanic checking car in service

Car Maintenance Services in Everett are required to keep your car in the best running condition. While cars these days are built to be sturdier and last longer than ever, making sure to get preventative maintenance at the right intervals—especially if you notice something wrong with your car, such as errant sounds or a drop in efficiency—will allow you to escape even more problems. Your owner’s manual will give you the rundown of when to get maintenance and what parts should be checked for each interval, but your mechanic can also give you the information.

Car Maintenance Services for Tires

Every 5,000 miles or so, your tires will need to be rotated in order to keep the wear on them even. Because of the nature of driving (for example, the fact that the average driver tends to make more right turns than left) means that some tires wear down faster than others. You can also keep an eye on your tires by checking both pressure and tread depth. Low tire pressure reduces efficiency and handling, while tires whose treads are too worn down can be dangerous. Tire pressure can be checked with devices, while the “penny test” can be used for tire treads: simply stick a penny head first into one of the grooves, and if you can see the top of the portrait’s head, it’s time to replace your tires.

Importance of Car Maintenance Services in Everett

Another important part of Car Maintenance Services in Everett includes maintenance on your engine. While many engine problems can be identified by notable changes in performance or handling, some things need to be checked regularly. Your oil level—as well as the quality of the oil itself—is a major contributor to keeping your car in good health, as are your other fluids. Making sure to check belts, hoses, and connections is also important—most timing belts have a specific interval that they need to be replaced at for optimal performance.

Auto Concepts Northwest Solutions provides Car Maintenance Services in Everett, as well as others such as detail work, repairs, installations, and more. Schedule an appointment with us online through our easy form, or call 855-630-6693 to talk to our customer service representative. You can also visit us directly at 10420 Evergreen Way South in Everett. If you’re looking to save money, our printable coupons and service specials are updated every month, giving you new deals constantly.

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Car Tune-Up in Everett

Car Tune-Up in EverettHave you scheduled your Car Tune-Up in Everett? Despite the fact that cars today are more reliable and longer-lasting than ever before, the need for preventative maintenance continues to be a significant part of owning a car. While definitions of what a proper tune-up is varies between mechanics and car experts, most agree that it involves work under the hood to maintain engine performance, including replacing worn-out components such as spark plugs. Most people go to get a tune-up from their mechanic because their engine or other components of their vehicle aren’t working properly: they may be stalling, not starting, or fuel mileage may have dropped, but it’s important to get maintenance on a regular basis anyways to make sure that your parts aren’t wearing down too fast.

The Basics of a Car Tune-Up

There are a few things that a tune-up should almost always have. These help keep your engine’s performance balanced and optimized, and can stop potential breakdowns before they happen. Items that are checked and fixed include battery voltage; power and compression (problems with this can be caused by leaky exhaust valves or worn rings); the engine vacuum; and ignition timing. Hoses and belts are inspected visually for wear, and replaced if any damage is found. All fluid levels are checked and also replaced. Spark plugs are replaced at intervals set by the manufacturer, and the mechanic handling your Car Tune-Up in Everett can install longer-life spark plugs, if you prefer to go that route. Filters will also be replaced if they’re found inadequate.

Warning Signs That You Need a Tune-Up in Everett

You may need a Car Tune-Up in Everett if you’ve noticed anything change in your car’s performance. While smoke under the hood and the engine refusing to start are obvious signs, other warning signs are strange smells and sounds coming from the engine, or the engine light coming on. Transmission issues can be one of the biggest warning signs, and should be seen to immediately. You spend a lot of time driving your car: if anything at all is different than what you’re used to, consider getting a tune-up.

The mechanics here at Auto Concepts Northwest can give you a great Car Tune-Up in Everett that restores your optimal engine performance. You can easily schedule an appointment through our website, and be sure to check out the specials we have to offer that let you save money on your repair and maintenance.

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Auto Window Tinting in Everett

Have you regretted not getting tinted windows when you purchased your car, or simply didn’t have the chance to? Auto Window Tinting in Everett lets you get tinted windows on nearly any vehicle. However, some states have laws against certain levels of window tint, so you’ll need to do your research beforehand, or speak to a professional.

The Benefits of Tinted Windows

Window tinting does more than give your Auto Window Tinting in Everettcar a slick appearance. While most people like it for the cosmetic effect, there are many other reasons to get your windows tinted. Tinted windows can reduce a car’s interior temperature by as much as 60 percent or even more. It can preserve your interior upholstery, and reduce fading or cracking. It also benefits the occupants: in addition to generally being more comfortable in a cooler car, tinted windows also reduce the amount of harmful ultraviolet rays. Cooler cars also mean less gas used for the air conditioning. The other obvious benefit of tinted windows is privacy inside the vehicle, but tinted windows can also protect the occupants in the case of the accident by holding shattered glass together. Finally, tinted windows create less glare, reducing the chance of accidents. There are many benefits to Auto Window Tinting in Everett.

The Basics of Window Tinting in Everett

Auto Window Tinting in Everett is a process that only takes a few hours on average, and can make a big difference in how your car looks. Different types of window tints have different prices, and excel at different things. The process takes a little longer for larger vehicles and trucks, but the entire process is usually same-day. Dyed film-type tint is the most common, and is more for improving appearance and reducing glare than heat reduction. If you want to reduce heat into the car but don’t want to have windows that are too dark, you can opt for crystalline tint, which is nearly clear but blocks up to 97 percent of infrared light and 60 percent of heat. Ceramic tint is similar, with high durability. A metalized film is a lower-cost solution with less clear windows, but it may also cause interference with electronic devices—something that may not be a good idea in this day and age.

Find out more about Auto Window Tinting in Everett from Auto Concepts Northwest Solutions, including how you can reduce the cost of service. You can also schedule an appointment through our website, or print out coupons.

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Car Seat Detailing in Everett

People spend a lot of time in their cars, particularly people with family or those who travel a lot. Many may have noticed that their seats and other upholstery have experienced some wear and tear and need to be replaced, or may have found that they simply would prefer to change the appearance. Enter Car Seat Detailing in Everett, which can make old, stained, or odorous upholstery look like new.

Car Seat Detailing Basics

Car Seat Detailing in EverettAlmost any car seat would have, at some point, run into problems with stains. While it may be difficult for the average car owner to get out, a professional service that provides Car Seat Detailing in Everett will be able to make quick work of it. Depending on whether you have cloth or leather upholstery, the process is different, but usually involves steam cleaning, shampooing, or using a spray-on upholstery cleaner in the case of cloth seats. Cloth seats can also be vacuumed. Leather seats are washed with a special soap, and then conditioned to make it look newer and protect it. Stains can be treated, whether they’re light or set-in. If you visit your provider of car seat detailing, be sure to let them know what they’ll be dealing with.

Odor Removal with Car Seat Detailing in Everett

Odor removal is also a very popular car seat detailing service, and one that people may not think of. Any pet or smoke odors that have settled into seats may be difficult to get out, and thus need special care. This is where car detailing professionals come in. Similarly, if leather is cracked or otherwise damaged, some detail shops can fix it. Some may need full reupholstering, but in the end, you’re guaranteed that a detail shop will allow you to get your interior feeling fresh.

Auto Concepts Northwest Solutions offers Car Seat Detailing in Everett, Lynnwood, Marysville, and the surrounding areas. Located at 10420 Evergreen Way South in Everett, WA 98204, our automotive professionals can take care of any repairs or installations needed, including windshield repair, auto detailing, maintenance, and more. Our website has a selection of our service specials, allowing you to save money while getting your car seen to by seasoned automotive professionals. You can also call us at 855-630-6693, or use our contact form to book an appointment with us, and we can get your car back in proper condition. Let us save you time, and make your auto repair experience a good one.

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Auto Upholstery Services near Seattle

Worker on a car wash cleaning car interior with vacuum cleaner

While they may not be as necessary to keep your car running, Auto Upholstery Services near Seattle can add to the overall comfort of your interior. Repairs to and cleaning of your seats, headliners, and carpets, as well as specific optimizations that can elevate the luxury of your car.

Your auto upholstery consists of several components of a car interior, including your dashboard, door panel, and any fabric inside your car. Any of these can get damaged, stained or worn out during normal use, and when that time comes, Auto Upholstery Services near Seattle can be the key to getting your interior looking good again.

Auto Upholstery Indicators

If your headliner sags, your carpet needs to be replaced, or you have burns in your seats, an auto repair provider or upholsterer will be able to help you out. An experienced upholsterer will assess the damage to your seats and upholstery, and tell you whether you need to get a complete replacement, or whether they can be repaired. Upholsterers work with a large array of materials including vinyl, leather, plastic, fabric, and carpeting, meaning that no matter what kind of interior you have, Auto Upholstery Services near Seattle will be able to properly restore your car. Some upholsterers also have experience servicing vintage or classic cars—while new materials aren’t readily available, these services can actively help restore the interior that is already in the car.

Upgrading via Auto Upholstery Services near Seattle

It’s not just about repair—some customers simply want a unique look in their car. For these people, Auto Upholstery Services near Seattle can add custom embroidery, custom upholstery (including adding leather), and even heated seats. Upgrading is easy, fast, and at the end you’ll have a car that feels fresh, new, and made just to your liking. Most upholsterers can give a quote and discuss the process with you. There are a few things you can do to maintain your auto upholstery between details and repairs. Cleaning up spills as soon as they happen (by being prepared with extra towels and napkins), vacuuming at least once every two weeks, and being careful when you transport large objects such as furniture and bicycles can help prolong the life of your upholstery.

For everything else, Auto Concepts Northwest Solutions can provide you with the service to keep your car running and in good shape. Schedule an appointment through our website to get the auto care you need.

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Auto Glass Repair near Seattle

Mechanic and Customer Discussing Service Order

Auto Glass Repair near Seattle can be found cheap if you know where to look. No matter where you get a chip or a crack, it can cause a problem—and it can happen at any time. Both your front and your back windshields provide vital structural support to your car, and having them damaged can cause problems not only in terms of visibility, but also if you get into an accident with a chip.

Auto Glass Repair Info

There are many myths floating around about auto glass repair. Many people think that it’s expensive to repair, and can be troublesome. Some believe that a repair won’t do enough, and your windshield or window will still be compromised. Luckily, this isn’t true—if your chip or crack is six inches or smaller, and the damage hasn’t hit the edge of the windshield, you’ll be able to get it repaired instead of replaced. Repair doesn’t take long—sometimes as little as 30 minutes—and can be just as good as having an undamaged windshield. Take your car into your provider of Auto Glass Repair near Seattle to get the damage evaluated, and see if you can save money by getting your crack or chip repaired.

Time for Auto Glass Repair near Seattle

Sometimes, Auto Glass Repair near Seattle just won’t cut it: you’ll need to replace. Getting a replacement may seem troublesome, but it’s better than driving with a damaged windshield. If your crack is larger than a dollar bill, hits the edge of the window or windshield, or obstructs your line of sight, you will in all likelihood need to get the glass replaced. If the crack or chip goes through both layers of glass, it’s another red flag, as is damage on the inside of the glass (that is, the side inside the cockpit). It’s important to get your damage evaluated, and important to act on the advice the mechanic gives you—failing to do so can cause big trouble.

Auto Concepts Northwest Solutions offers auto glass repair in Seattle for a low price. Simply call us at 855-630-6693 or make an appointment with us online. We have several specials that let you save on auto maintenance and auto glass repair. Get in touch with us as soon as possible, and let our well-trained technicians take care of your car. We serve customers from all over the Greater Seattle Area, including Everett, Lynnwood, Seattle, and Kirkland.

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