Interior Detail near Seattle

 Interior Detail near SeattleHow you feel in your car has a huge effect on your mood when you drive it. Unfortunately, with so much use, car interiors can see dirt, scuff marks, damage, stains, and odors that not only reduces comfort and overall experience, but can also knock a significant amount of money off the price if you’re planning to sell. You can do yourself a favor by getting Interior Detail near Seattle, which will allow trained professionals to make your cabin like new.

Auto Detailing near Seattle

While many auto repair and detail shops offer package deals, you should come in knowing what exactly you want done with your car. Is the space between your seats sticky from the juice spilled there years ago, or do you have an unsightly spot on your roof? No matter whether your interior is cloth or leather, professionals are skilled in providing just the right treatment to make it as good as new. Just make sure that your detail package has everything you need.

Most basic Interior Detail near Seattle involves vacuuming and shampooing of carpet, polishing interior panel and trims, and clean and dress vents and trim. The benefit of a detail versus a regular car wash is also that most involve cleaning your trunk and the doorjambs, too—parts of the car that often get ignored. You can also ask for spot removal, or bring a certain stain to our attention to make sure that it gets taken care of.

Odor Removal near Seattle

Cleaning isn’t where it ends. Your car interior can absorb smells easily, especially unfavorable ones like smoke and pet odors. Most services providing professional Interior Detail near Seattle will also deodorize your car, removing those bad smells that can be otherwise hard to get out.

Proper auto detailing can make your car feel fresh, and can leave you remembering that “new car smell”. Consider getting one whether you’re selling or not.

Auto Concepts Northwest offers Interior Detail near Seattle for affordable prices. Our experts are skilled at both cosmetic and repair work. if you need something done on your car no matter the make or model, then give us a call at (855) 630-6693, or visit our location at 10420 Evergreen Way in Everett. You can also view our full list of offered services on our convenient website.

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Auto Detail near Seattle

Auto Detail near SeattleThere are several reasons you may want to get Auto Detail near Seattle. If you’re planning on selling your car, detailing can help increase both price and appeal of the vehicle. If you’re planning to go somewhere, or entertain guests, you might want to make sure that your interior is clean and fresh. And finally, having a car that’s been detailed can put you into a good mood every time you unlock it.

Most detail providers offer packages, depending on what you need. This can include more services for a better price, so if you want to get a big job done, they’re definitely something to consider. There is a lot of things we do that can be found in out interior and exterior detailing.

Exterior Auto Detail near Seattle

Since your car’s exterior is the first thing people see, you want to make sure that it gives a good impression. During exterior Auto Detail near Seattle, your car will be thoroughly washed. Unlike what you get in a car wash, exterior detailing includes harder-to-reach areas such as trunk and hood jambs, wheel wells, and even engine compartments. Buffing or using a clay bar can be done to remove contaminants from your paint, making it look cleaner—then the paint is sealed to protect it and waxed. Chrome and glass are thoroughly cleaned and polished, and wheels are dressed to keep them looking shiny. If your headlights have fogged up or look cloudy, you can get them restored to their previous luminescence.

Interior Auto Detail Near Seattle

If you’ve ever had cigarette smoke or pets in your car, you know it may be tough to get the smell out. Professional Auto Detail near Seattle , though, is able to do just that. In addition to odor mitigation, interior auto detailing involves thorough cleaning. Carpets and cloth upholstery are shampooed, while leather and vinyl surfaces are cleaned with special materials. If you need interior stain protection or removal, you can request it as well.

Just as windows are cleaned outside, they’re cleaned inside. The end result of this detailing is a car that looks almost as good as new. See what your closest detail shop charges if you want to feel like you’re rolling off the dealership all over again

When you need great detailing, we can easily help you out. You can call us at 855-630-6693 to schedule your Auto Detail near Seattle or if you have any questions. We offer repair and maintenance for all cars at great rates. We proudly serve the surrounding areas as well including Renton, Kirkland, Lynnwood, and more.

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Shock Replacement near Seattle

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There are a few things you should find when you buy a car, and one of those is a reliable mechanic or service to handle all your repairs. That way, you’ll have a phone number on hand if you ever need to get a Shock Replacement near Seattle.

Shock Replacement Prep

Your shocks—or rather, shock absorbers—are dampers that are designed to reduce the effects of rough grounds in the car and improve the handling and the ride quality. They are typically hydraulically- or mechanically powered. It should be noted that not all cars use shock absorbers; some suspensions have a system of “struts” in place instead. You should check with your mechanic which one your car uses, so you know what action to take when you notice that your car’s not performing the way it should.

Indicators of Shock Replacement near Seattle

How do you know that it’s time for a Shock Replacement near Seattle? First of all, you can check for worn shocks yourself. Walk around the car and push down on it, then see how long it takes for it to bounce back into its normal position. A fast rebound is a sign of good shocks; if your car keeps bouncing, it may mean that you need to get replacement. If, when driving, you notice that your car’s nose dips excessively while braking (diving) or your rear end dips down when accelerating (squatting), it’s also a sign of worn-out shocks. Bouncing tires and leaking fluid from your car are another thing that can point to worn components. If your car needs a shock replacement, you’ll absolutely feel it; it’s hard not to. A vehicle wit worn-out shocks or struts offers less control, and a far less comfortable ride. If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local mechanic to talk about replacement.

Auto Concepts Northwest Solutions offers a full range of high-quality auto repair options, from scheduled maintenance to windshield repair. If you’re looking for a Shock Replacement near Seattle, we can offer you discounts and specials to save you money. Put your trust in our trained mechanics. Call us toll-free at 855-630-6693, or use our live chat tools on our website. Our convenient hours and convenient location make it easy for you to get the auto repair you need fast, and for a great price.

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Car Shock Repair in Everett


Does your car ride seem bumpy? If so, it may be time to get Car Shock Repair in Everett. Shock absorbers are part of your car’s suspension system, and, as their name suggests, help absorb shock and impact from the road to smooth out your car’s comfort and handling. As your shocks wear out, your car doesn’t take turns and other bumps in the road as well; not only is this felt throughout the cabin, but it can also wear out your tires faster, accelerating the need for costly replacements on those components as well. Taking your car to a professional to get your car shocks inspected can potentially save you money and a lot of soreness.

Car Shock Repair Frequency

Most auto manuals already recommend checking and replacing shocks after certain miles, but you may need Car Shock Repair in Everett sooner. There are certain warning signs that can show that parts of your suspension system is failing. For example, if your vehicle rolls or sways on turns, bounces or slides sideways while driving a winding road, or “bottoms out” (makes a thumping noise) on bumps, it could be time to take it in to your mechanic to get the shocks checked out. Additionally, the front end will “dive” or point down while braking, while the latter will do the same while accelerating.

Indicators for Car Shock Repair in Everett

Preventative maintenance is the key to saving money on Car Shock Repair in Everett. The sooner a mechanic can diagnose problems, the less you’ll have to pay. Keep an eye out for certain indicators, yourself: if the housing leaks, the shock or strut body is dented, or your piston rods are “pitted”, it’s a good indicator that you need shock repair. Check your tires, too: tires are an excellent indicator of how a car is performing, and a car with inadequate shocks will have tires that are worn down noticeably, and unevenly.

As with most auto repair, don’t wait for your car shock situation to get worse—take it to the mechanic as soon as you notice suspicious problems.

Auto Concepts Northwest has a full range of quality services, including Car Shock Repair in Everett. We’re the solution for windshield replacement, maintenance, tire repair, detailing, and more for people in Everett, Lynnwood, Seattle, and the rest of the Greater Seattle Area. Call us to schedule an appointment, or use our website tool. You deserve to drive a car that’s in great shape.

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Car Valve Adjustment in Everett

Car Valve Adjustment in EverettWhen it comes to vehicles, they ultimately need some care to continue performing at their optimal level. In fact, cars need standard maintenance procedures, such as valve adjustments, in order to operate at their very best. If your car is running a little rough, or is misfiring, it is probably due for a valve adjustment. Auto Concepts Northwest has specialized equipment and tools, and highly trained automotive mechanics and can complete a Car Valve Adjustment in Everett quickly and efficiently.

Car Valves

An engine valve allows air in and out of specific cylinders, which keeps the engine of your car running smoothly and efficiently. Over time, valves can become loose, which has a negative impact on the efficiency of the engine, because the valves will open and close out of sync. A valve that does not close completely will result in engine noise, misfires, and eventually, valve damage. Valve damage is expensive to repair, so having the valves on your car checked, inspected, and adjusted will improve the performance of your vehicle, increase the life of the engine, and save you money.

Car Valve Adjustment in Everett

Auto Concepts Northwest, a full service shop with state-of-the-art equipment, has all the proper tools to effectively perform a Car Valve Adjustment in Everett quickly and efficiently. When you bring your vehicle to us, our experienced auto mechanics remove the valve cover from the engine, clean the cylinder head, adjust the valve to the proper clearance, and install a new valve cover gasket.

Every vehicle has different valve specifications, and our mechanics have the technical expertise to complete a Car Valve Adjustment in Everett no matter the make and model of your vehicle. In addition, we utilize certified parts designed specifically for your vehicle, so you can rest assured that your car is in the best hands.

Your car is a valuable investment, and a highly calibrated mechanical device that needs a little tender loving care to continue to operate at its very best. Having a Car Valve Adjustment in Everett will protect your valves, extend the life of your engine, and keep your car running at its optimal level of performance. Auto Concepts Northwest, located at 10420 Evergreen Way South, Everett, WA 98204, has a state-of-the-art service facility, certified parts, and expert auto mechanics with years of experience and training. Call Auto Concepts Northwest at 855-630-6693 to schedule a valve adjustment today.

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Windshield Tinting in Everett

Windshield Tinting in EverettAre you tired of roasting in your car on a hot summer day, and wish that you could do something to protect you and your car from the sun? Tinting your automobile windows protects you and your car from harmful UV light, lowers heat, reduces glare, increases visibility, and decreases eye fatigue. The Windshield Tinting in Everett provides 78 percent heat reduction, significantly increases passenger comfort, and protects the interior of your vehicle.

Benefits of Tinting Windshields

Tinting your windshield provides numerous benefits. In fact, the Windshield Tinting in Everett provides 78 percent heat reduction, which cools interior temperatures on hot summer days. Window tinting also blocks 90 percent of UV rays, which decreases interior fading of your car, and protects against cracked dashes. UV rays can cause skin cancer and eye fatigue, and window tinting acts like sunscreen, protecting your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays. Windshield tinting also reduces sun glare, which improves visibility and decreases the risk of accidents.

Windshield Tinting Services in Everett

Windshield Tinting in Everett utilizes the correct type of film that protects without reducing visibility. In fact, at Auto Concepts Northwest, we use tinting film that meets all federal laws for front windshield tinting. We offer numerous tinting packages, such as the sun visor package, single-window package, two-window package, and complete tint package. We also have thicker windshield tinting film, which provides additional protection from theft, and in the even of an accident, protects the windshield from cracking. If you have old windshield tint, we can professionally remove the old film without harming your windshield, and install new windshield tinting film.

Auto Concepts Northwest is a qualified windshield tinting facility. Our service team, experienced and knowledgeable, can tint your window quickly and professionally while you wait in our comfortable customer lounge. Auto Concept Northwest has a state-of-the-art service facility equipped with modern tools and equipment to tint windows, install windshields, detail vehicles and service automobiles efficiently.

If you are tired of roasting in your car on hot summer days, and want to protect your car and your passengers from harmful UV rays, stop by Auto Concepts Northwest, located at 10420 Evergreen Way South, Everett, WA 98204, for Windshield Tinting in Everett. We can install legal windshield tinting that will reduce heat, protect the interior of your vehicle from UV rays, decrease glare, improve visibility, and reduce eye fatigue. Call 855-630-6693 to schedule a windshield tinting appointment today.

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Auto Glass Repair in Everett

Auto Glass Repair in EverettAnyone can appreciate the disappointment that comes with an errant rock flying up and smacking into your windshield, leaving a crack in the smooth surface. The first thing you may think of is how unsightly it looks, and then how much it will cost. Luckily, you can get cheap Auto Glass Repair in Everett by doing the proper research and finding a reliable repair shop.

The repair your auto glass needs will depend on what kind of damage has been done to it. Some cracks or chips can be fixed without needing to replace the glass, while others may be too big and require a completely new pane of glass. Finding the right form of Auto Glass Repair in Everett can save you money, while ensuring that you get the full repair you need.

Importance of Fast Auto Glass Repair

When your glass is broken or damaged, it’s not just a cosmetic problem—it’s a safety issue, as well. The windshield is partially responsible for maintaining your cabin’s structural integrity, especially in certain kinds of collisions. In a front-end collision, the windshield provides up to 45% structural integrity, while in a rollover it can provide up to 60%. If a crack is compromising that windshield, it could break at a critical moment. That’s why you should get your Auto Glass Repair in Everett as soon as something happens.

Even if it’s just a small crack, the longer you wait the more difficult it becomes to repair; sand, dust, and other abrasive materials may make it more difficult to apply the sealant, and the crack will widen over time. Speed is the key to getting auto glass repair that sticks.

When Can You Get Glass Repair in Everett?

Though a professional provider of Auto Glass Repair in Everett will be able to tell you what you need to do with more accuracy, there are ways to figure out whether you’re looking at a repair or a full replacement. If a crack is smaller than six inches (about the size of a dollar bill), or if a ding fits under a credit card, it can be repaired. While some companies offer products that can fix even larger cracks, you’ll need to talk to your local mechanic.

Auto Concepts Northwest Solutions provides auto glass repair services to Everett, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, and Seattle. Call us or contact us through our form to get fast, cheap, and reliable repair.

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Auto Dent Repair in Everett

Auto Dent Repair in EverettGetting a dent on your car can put a damper on your day, especially if it’s a new one. Repair even small dents with Auto Dent Repair in Everett from a trusted body shop or mechanic.

Paintless Dent Repair in Everett

Paintless dent repair is the process of getting rid of minor dents and dings from the surface of your car, and can be done as long as the surface of the paint is intact. Not needing to replace the paint allows you to save money on the cost of your Auto Dent Repair in Everett, and more and more qualified shops are able to do it with the improvements in automotive paint technology. As long as the paint hasn’t been damaged, even larger dents can be repaired.

Protecting Your Car from Dents

There are a few extra steps you can take in your everyday life that can help further protect your car from taking dents.

Try to parallel park whenever possible. Since a large amount of dents occur when cars adjacent to you open their doors and hit you, parallel parking will eliminate that chance.

Park far from other cars. Parking a little further away from everyone else may result in a bit more walking to get to your destination, but it also once again reduces the chance of a stray opening door hitting your car and leaving an expensive dent.

Open your door carefully. Take your time in opening the door; even if it bumps into the curb or another car, a slow door won’t do as much damage and could avoid it altogether. Besides, even if your own car doesn’t get damaged, damaging another person’s car could be just as expensive.

Invest in a car bra. A car bra stretches over the front and hood of your car, and is made to protect it from stray rocks kicked up by wheels on the road. With durable vinyl on the outside and soft material inside, a car bra will protect your paint and keep it shiny.

If you do get a dent, you should look into Auto Dent Repair in Everett from Auto Concepts Northwest Solutions. We’re the leading provider of auto repair and maintenance services, offering up dent repair, tire changes, transmission repair, and much more. Call us at 855-630-6693 to find out more about our specials, or set up an appointment directly through our website.

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Car Bra Protection in Everett

For most cars, the front end is both the most noticeable and most-noticed part of the vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s also the one that ends up bearing the brunt of forces on the road. Car Bra Protection in Everett can keep the paint on your car’s front free from chips and scratches from rocks flying up, or can cover a scratch up if you’re waiting on a repair. A car bra can cover anything from your front end to your entire hood, and can keep the premium paint on that new car shiny and smooth.

The Benefits of Car Bra Protection

There are many reasons to invest in a car bra to protect your front end; if your car is brand-new, you don’t want it immediately getting scratched up by an errant rock or chip. In addition, having less dings and dents on the front end will preserve the resale value of your car, and allow you to get a better price or trade-in value when the time finally comes to sell. Car bras are commonly associated with racing, so having a car bra on your vehicle will make it look sportier, and make more of an impression. A properly-fitted car bra will protect your vehicle while also preserving your paint with its soft lining.

Types of Car Bras in Everett

Car Bras are typically made of vinyl, though some have also been made with carbon-based material. If you want Car Bra Protection in Everett that shows off more of your car’s design (for example, if you want everyone on the road to know that you’re driving the newest Mustang), a ‘sport-style’ car bra is recommended. It fits onto the leaning edge of the hood, but also maintains the original look of the car vehicle more than the full front-end car bra. The front-end bra covers the front end completely (as the name suggests), and covers as much area as possible.

T-style car bras are fitted over the hood of the car, and are most popular with vehicles that have large hoods, such as minivans, trucks, and SUVs.

In addition to the types, you can also get all-weather car bras, colored car-bras with designs, or even special bras that are tailored to specific luxury vehicles.

For customized Car Bra Protection in Everett, Auto Concepts Northwest Solutions can help you. Call us at either 855-630-6693 or 425-609-9105 to find out more about car bra protection, auto glass installation, and more.

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Auto DVD Installation in Everett

Auto DVD Installation in EverettDo you travel often, or for long distances, and need to find ways to entertain your passengers? For many families (especially those with young kids), having an auto DVD system is a great boon. You can give your passengers something to do while concentrating on the road. If you decide that this is right for you, then get Auto DVD Installation in Everett.

There are many different types of DVD system to install, and what kind will work best depends on your own needs. Talk to your mechanic about the different products available for installation.

In-Dash DVD Installation in Everett

This is a common type of system available for Auto DVD Installation in Everett. An in-dash system is useful because it allows the driver to easily access controls, and can split between showing entertainment to passengers and important GPS information to the driver. Many of these in-dash DVD systems also have the capability to show different things on different monitors throughout the car, if you have multiple devices.

Headrest Monitor Auto DVD Installation

Headrest monitors are a practical type of auto DVD system, which are typically between 5 and 7 inches. You can either have these installed directly into your headrests, or buy factory headrests with the monitors already inside of them. A central console unit governs these monitors, and they can be integrated into multi-zone or in-dash systems. Headrest-installed systems also have the option of headphones (both wired and wireless), which can help keep the driver from getting too distracted.

Fold-Down Monitor DVD Installation in Everett

Similar to monitors that people may find on some buses, fold-down auto DVD monitors are attached to the roof. The Auto DVD Installation in Everett for these may be a little more complicated, but in the end you’ll have monitors that are clearly visible to all the passengers in a car. If you have a large SUV, this could be a good solution to making sure that everyone gets a good view. These can also save space, since the players are typically built into the unit and the entire system can be folded up and out of the way when not in use.

Talk to your provider of Auto DVD Installation in Everett about what they recommend for your car. Auto Concepts Northwest Solutions provides installation for a cheap price, and with the fastest service of any similar company in the Everett area. Call us today.

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