Timing Belt Replacement in Everett

Here at Auto Concepts Northwest we are providing Timing Belt Replacement in Everett. For those who do not know, timing belt replacement is usually an exercise that makes the difference showing the car can run appropriately. The thing with the timing belt is that it tends to operate some of the other components. The excessive slack can be compensated by one or two of the tensioners and idlers. This is a drive belt that synchronizes the rotation of the engine camshaft as well as, the crankshaft with the opening of the opening and closing of the engine valves. This is quite an important operation and regulates a great number of things within the drive train system and affects fuel economy, as well as effective operation.

Honda Timing Belt Replacement near Seattle

As a result, avoiding the whole timing belt replacement process can even lead to complete engine failure. Therefore, neglect is definitely not an option. Some of the signs that show timing belt failure include engine idling, or it may even refuse to start-up in the first place. This is why we are here for you because we provide the adequate services needed to get you back on the road before the timing belt becomes a serious problem. We have adequate resources at the dealer as represented by the highly trained personnel at the site. Our technicians ASE qualified and have years of experience with virtually everything, more reason for you to try our Timing Belt Replacement in Everett services at Auto Concepts Northwest.

We also make sure that everything in your vehicle is running as it should be. We have state-of-the-art equipment at our dealer as well as service stations and bays for everything and anything else that you might require. The equipment takes a minimum of seconds to complete diagnostic tests on a variety of possible issues. Even as we engage in Timing Belt Replacement in Everett, we of all people know the importance of timing to the client and would rather that we sort you out as much as possible.

If you would like more information, come see us! We proudly serve nearby cities like Lake Stevens, Marysville, Mukilteo, Snohomish, and Mill Creek.

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90,000 Mile Maintenance in Everett

Auto Concepts Northwest provides you with 90,000 Mile Maintenance in Everett to make sure that your vehicle remains in the best possible form at all times. We pride ourselves in making sure that your vehicle runs at an optimal and is not just roadworthy. True, safety it is quite essential and thus preventive maintenance is the best way to go. The point of the 90,000 mile maintenance is to make sure that everything is still running smoothly under the hood, and other systems within the vehicle. Our personnel who are available at all times of the day focus on the critical needs of the vehicle at the time and this ensures that the factory warranty is still worth something.

auto mechanic repairman inspecting car

As part of the 90,000 Mile Maintenance in Everett, we at Auto Concepts Northwest perform a Quality Assurance Road Test in order to make sure that the vehicle is operating and performing at an optimal level. Our technicians will take care of this and get back to you. We have some of the best qualified and factory trained professionals who can be tasked to you at any time. They have years of experience working with just about every vehicular maintenance issue. At the same time, we have some of the best equipment that is up to date and will perform hundreds of diagnostics within seconds. This along with the highly trained technicians is to improve efficiency and minimize time delays for the client.

The 90,000 Mile Maintenance in Everett also includes some of the following services and inspections. The vehicle engine coolant, for example, is very important to the maintenance of the engine. A lot of vehicles require the engine coolant to be replaced after every 30,000 miles. Even when you are using extended life engine coolant, it is still important to regularly check on its level and condition. The service also entails transmission fluid checks and replacement, brake pad replacement, spark plug checks and maintenance, as well as ball joints. If you would like to come check out our services, please visit our dealer at Auto Concepts Northwest. We are proud to serve Everett and nearby cities like West Lake Stevens, Marysville, Mukilteo, Snohomish and Mill Creek.

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Auto Repair for All Makes and Models near Seattle

At Auto Concepts Northwest, we offer Auto Repair for All Makes and Models near Seattle. Living in the Pacific Northwest means that your car faces many hardships on a daily basis, especially during the winter months. The weather changes can be hard on many part of your vehicle such as your brakes, exhaust, headlights, tires, and more. At Auto Concepts Northwest our trained experts can repair whatever your vehicle needs and get it done in a timely fashion so that you can get back on the road.

Our website has links for coupons, so next time you are looking for Auto Repair for All Makes and Models near Seattle make sure to check out our web site. When you bring your vehicle in for repairs such as brake service, our experts will visually inspect the entire system and report to you what they find. From there, you’ll be given options and suggested repairs to be made. We only use the highest quality parts when doing repairs because we believe in keeping you safe and on the road for as long as possible.

Come in and get that chip in your windshield repaired. This alternative to purchasing a brand new windshield is cost effective and less expensive. Our technicians apply their knowledge and use a special tool that fills in the crack, leaving it virtually invisible. We can also repair those headlights. If you headlights are no longer pointing in the same direction or are cloudy, bring your vehicle in and we can restore them back to optimal specs. The exhaust on your car plays an important role in venting the hot air produced during combustion. It runs underneath the body of your car and therefore is exposed to the elements, which can lead to corrosion or worse. Sometimes the inevitable happens and we run over an object we shouldn’t have. Bring your vehicle in if you have noticed the smell of exhaust inside your vehicle as this could mean that the exhaust system is badly damaged and needs repairs. Other services we provide include timing belt related repairs. Your timing belt plays an integral part in keeping the parts on your engine in tune with one another. If your vehicle has over 100, 000 miles and you have not had the timing belt replaced, we recommend bringing it in and letting one of our service technicians look it over. Many timing belts have a lifespan between 100, 00 and 150, 000 miles. For additional information on Auto Repair for All Makes and Models near Seattle stop by 10420 Evergreen Way South, Everett, WA 98204.

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Tune Ups for All Makes and Models in Everett

Your vehicle is a machine and like all machines, it has many moving parts that need to be inspected. At Auto Concepts Northwest we offer Tune Ups for All Makes and Models in Everett. This includes a full line of engine tune-ups such as inspecting and replacing the spark plugs. Our service technicians visually inspect the ignition system for any possible damage and determine if your engine could use replacement parts to maintain a healthy amount of spark. Over time the tips of your spark plugs, which are needed for combustion, begin to lose power. We remove and inspect each spark plug from its-cylinder and check for excessive build-up that could be robbing your engine of power and ultimately causing it to be less fuel efficient.

car owner

Other engine tune-ups include visually inspecting and replacing the belts that run various systems. We offer serpentine belt Tune Ups for All Makes and Models in Everett that is quick and professional. Being proactive about replacing the belts that run your engine is a great idea and can keep your vehicle from over heating and breaking down. Another engine tune-up we offer for all makes is an inspection of the fuel filter and other fuel related components. If your fuel filter needs replacement, we replace it with original parts for your specific make and model. Bring your vehicle in if you can hear a knocking noise coming from the engine. We can perform a tune-up that includes removing the valve cover and inspecting the performance of each valve. If further tune-up is required, we have the experts who can do it all.

Your engine is cooled by the radiator and fan. We can perform an inspection to the cooling system to ensure that everything is working as intended. A tune-up might include replacing the radiator, checking coolant levels, replacing old coolant with new coolant, visually inspecting all seals for leaks, checking the fan for damage, and more. The brakes on your vehicle also need a routine inspection. Tune-ups for brakes include inspecting rotor wear, replacing or resurfacing rotors, inspecting and replacing brake pads, and more. We take the time to check over brake fluid levels and make sure that the system is not leaking or is damaged. Over time your wheels might lose proper alignment. When this happens, your tires will begin to wear in odd ways. A tune-up to the wheels and tires includes alignment, inspection to the amount of tread remaining, a diagnosis of the problem, and more. For a list of other Tune Ups for All Makes and Models in Everett that we offer, visit us at 10420 Evergreen Way South, Everett, WA 98204.

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Oil Changes for All Makes and Models in Everett

Taking your vehicle in for an oil change is one of the most proactive steps you can take to ensure the investment you made will last for as long as possible. Auto Concepts Northwest offers Oil Changes for All Makes and Models in Everett that go above and beyond what you might find at other places. We start by covering the floor mat on the driver side so that your vehicle leaves the shop the same way it came in. Our technicians are experienced with understanding manufacturer specifics of every make and model car that comes in, so that the proper amount of engine oil is replaced. Other places might over fill your engine with oil thinking that it will provide a longer trip in between oil changes, but the truth is that it can cause more damage than anything else.

Changing automobile oil

We understand that your time is precious, which is why all Oil Changes for All Makes and Models in Everett are done as efficiently and quickly as possible. Many customers choose to wait for their vehicle while we run tests and complete the necessary maintenance and are back on their way before too long. If you don’t want to wait, simply drop the vehicle off and return at your convenience. We offer a full range of engine oils to choose from. For those who have a vehicle with higher mileage, we offer a high-mileage engine oil that has been specifically designed to support the working components of an engine that has seen 75,000 miles or more. For those who want the highest grade of engine oil for their vehicle, we fill the engine with a synthetic oil that lubricates the working parts better than standard-grade engine oil. At Auto Concepts Northwest, changing your engine oil is more than just draining it and filling it back up. We take the time to inspect the health of your engine by looking for signs of abnormal wear. Warning signs that signal to our technicians that something is not working properly might be metal shards or flakes in the oil filter. In order to ensure the longest life for your vehicle, we make sure to report the findings and share with you our expert knowledge on the possible repairs that should be performed.

Friction is a byproduct of any working engine. The reason vehicle owners needs to regularly change their engine oil is to prevent that friction from getting out of control and causing damage. Check your vehicle maintenance guide to get a better picture of how many miles you can go between Oil Changes for All Makes and Models in Everett.

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Honda Parts Replacement in Everett Area

If you own a Honda and are looking for quality Honda Parts Replacement in Everett Area, Auto Concepts Northwest has a professional team of automotive technicians who can replace anything on your Honda. We specialize in replacing your battery, tires, fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, timing belt, headlights, taillights, side mirrors, brakes, and anything else you need replaced. We use the highest quality parts on your Honda because better parts mean a longer life for your car.

auto car spare parts

If you’re battery has begun to show signs of fatigue, bring your Honda in and we will inspect the system to see if the battery needs to be replaced. The battery in your car will loose charge over time, especially in a vehicle that is no properly charging it, and might leave you stranded when it completely dies. The average life of a car battery is around four years, so if you are worried that yours is beginning to decline in power, bring it in so we can run a test to determine if it needs to be replaced or not. Honda Parts Replacement in Everett Area with Auto Concepts Northwest also includes replacing old filters in your car. Did you know your Honda has three filters that all need to be inspected or possibly replaced? The fuel filter in your Honda engine plays a key role in providing a safe flow (free of debris) of fuel to your injectors. Another filter to have checked or replaced is your air filter. Like the fuel filter, the air filter also makes sure the flow of air to your engine is clean. The last filter you will want to have inspected or replaced is your cabin air filter. This filter keeps the environment outside your car from joining the environment inside your car. Over time, like all filters, it becomes clogged.

Other parts you might want to replace on your Honda include your headlights and taillights. Stop by our location for a quick replacement of a burned out bulb that can help you see better at night or help people better see you while braking. Maybe your side mirror has been damaged. Auto Concepts Northwest can replace it for you with a high quality replacement that matches the paint color of your Honda. We offer more Honda replacement parts than we can list here so check our website for more information on Honda Parts Replacement in Everett Area.

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Smart Mirror Installation in Everett

Have you heard about the Smart Mirror Installation in Everett? Auto Concepts Northwest is happy to introduce you to the smart mirror installation. We work to ensure that you have a smart mirror which will make it easier for you in terms of navigation and safety. We are offering some of the best deals in the area for the installation of the smart mirrors. Visit us and be sure that you will not regret it at all.

The smart mirror includes a mirror with attached GPS antenna, windshield mounting bracket, microphone, and external GPS antenna and power supply. The Smart Mirror Installation in Everett has features that include OEM replacement rearview mirror with integrated GPS navigation, advanced Samsung 400 MHz processor, large capacity 64 MB internal memory, 2 GB SD memory card for storing maps, pictures and e-books and built-in GPS receiver with high-gain dual antenna design. More features include large 4″ touch screen LCD monitor, integrated-speaker and two expandable video inputs with reverse camera input sensing.

The Smart Mirror Installation in Everett has Bluetooth wireless data link. You can use the Bluetooth to answer phone calls hands-free, view the incoming calls, view the call history log, manual or auto call answering and uninterrupted call transfer return-to-phone upon destination arrival.

The navigation system of the Smart Mirror Installation in Everett has features that include real time navigation, Navigon mobile Navigator that displays street level preview, all major intersections and interstate entrances and exits, millions of points of interests, and voice prompted turn-by-turn directions, lane assistant and reality view for intuitive, easy drive directions, spoken street names via text-to-speech, direct help for emergency assistant and easy-to-read map views that adapt to your needs.

Smart Mirror offers all the features of GPS navigation without the clutter and hassle of suction cups, mounting brackets and wire. The Smart Mirrors replaces your rearview mirror with an all-in-one mirror, GPS navigation and hands-free cellular phone functions. Clear view back-up safety camera makes you aware of the things behind you.

If you want to know more about Smart Mirror Installation in Everett, or you want a smart mirror installed in your car, then feel free to visit us at Auto Concepts Northwest. We are located at 10420 Evergreen Way South Everett, WA 98204. You can also contact us at 855-630-6693 and we shall be glad to help you out with anything regarding the smart mirror installation. We are also happy to serve our customers in Edmonds, Mill Creek, Monroe and Marysville. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Car Security System Installation for Honda in Everett

The fact is that your Honda is one of the best investments that you will ever take on and it is not just the money involved in buying it. Every car owner knows the amount of time and thus the care that the client must take in servicing and detailing as well as upgrades and refurbishment. It just makes sense to keep it as secure as possible as well. As such the Car Security System Installation for Honda in Everett should come naturally in order to protect your investment. We at Auto Concepts Northwest offer the best security installation services that you will find in the area from the basic packages to the fancy depending on preference.

Car Key, Remote and Sports Car Under Spot Light.

As part of the basic package that we offer here at Auto Concepts Northwest for Car Security System Installation for Honda in Everett from the K2 levels feature options such as keyless entry, remote locking of the vehicle and this comes with an 85 foot range. This is the economy package. It is the best thing to do if the vehicle did not come with a factory alarm setting. There is also the fancy alarm package which costs more. The fancy alarm features all of the characteristics that are there within the basic packages; however, it also takes it to the next level.

This features an LCD system which features a display that shows all of the vital statistics of the vehicle. There is a battery level system which shows the optimal time to change them while a shock sensor is present to give notice if someone is violating the vehicle using a bat or just pounding it. There is even a microwave sensor to alert the owner if someone has their hand through the window or just being too close to the car. All orders for Car Security System Installation for Honda in Everett that you request are handled here at the dealership by a team of ASE qualified technicians who are available at any time. They will set everything in place and even demonstrate methods of use and testing and set you on your way at the shortest convenience. If you would like to come check out our service please visit our dealer at Auto Concepts Northwest. We are proud to serve Everett and nearby cities like: Marysville, Mill Creek, Monroe and Edmonds.

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Wheel Restoration Service in Everett

Here at Auto Concepts Northwest We offer the best wheel restoration service you will see for miles around. You can count on us to bring you the best service that money can buy. As we provide wheel repair services for several different wheel types that have different varieties of damage. This could be anything from gouges to scrapes to cracked or compromised rims. Here at Auto Concept Northwest, we follow specific procedure when attending to your equipment and that is what makes our service of Wheel Restoration Service in Everett, the best in the region. We start with rim and wheel inspection and go from polishing to regrinding and making sure all of the wheels match. Some of services like minor wheel straightening can be done on the site taking as little time as possible.

mechanic changing a wheel of a modern car (color toned image)

We also offer other services apart from wheel restoration such as custom wheel painting. Here we provide both color-matching as well as custom color changes. some of the best amenities to take care of any requirements you may have concerning your wheels. Our repair technology at Auto Concepts Northwest, allows for us to straighten the rims on the vehicle for up to 26 inches in diameter in any of the chosen styles. The techniques that we use employ hydraulic pressure, heat, and dial indicators in order to straighten even the most difficult rims. In this case, we also ask that you bring the rims for Wheel Restoration Service in Everett without the tires to allow for efficient servicing within the shortest possible time.

Here at Auto Concepts Northwest, our offer for Wheel Restoration Service in Everett is offered the same day as contacted and a regional service network. At the same time, our technicians are factory trained and continue to receive training in order to stay in touch with the latest techniques for wheel restoration. We also have a very interactive customer care service that is dedicated to the satisfaction of the client.

For more information come see us or call (855) 630-6693. We are proud to serve Everett and nearby cities like: Marysville, Mill Creek, Monroe and Edmonds.

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Headlight Restoration Service in Everett

Here at Auto Concepts Northwest, we provide professional headlight restoration services for personal cars, fleet vehicles and even trucks, so basically any vehicle that has a polycarbonate headlight. This comes after several years of development, as well as hours of experimentation with different cars for the purpose of good service. As a result, the scientifically created formula from our technicians which consists of several chemicals bonds with the headlights and this creates a new and hard crystal surface. You can be sure that we provide the best services in the area of Everett so come on down for Headlight Restoration Service in Everett.

car wash

In the past, the action of replacing the scratched, clouded or the yellowed plastic covers was an expensive necessity that came with the fear of having to pass the safety requirements and avoid failing the inspection trials depending on whether you were in the commercial vehicle business. However, with our service of Headlight Restoration Service in Everett, cars as well as the motorcycle owners are able to shine and restore the plastic lenses including fog lights, tail lights as well as directional lights. In any case, it does not make sense to waste your hard-earned money and sweat on a quick fix kit that will cost a substantial amount more and needs regular application which means that it only yields a temporary solution to the problem.

We are the direct opposite in that we make sure that we institute a permanent solution to the problem. Every time that you bring your vehicle to us, you can be certain we will do quality work at an economic price. Our dealership at Auto Concepts Northwest has some of the best factory trained personnel who have years of experience on everything vehicles. In order to make it worth your while, we even handle other maintenance issues with the vehicle and do so with-speed and urgency as we realize how valuable time is to you. We also have an excellent customer care department which will cater to your enquiries. So bring your vehicle down and get our Headlight Restoration Service in Everett.

If you would like to come check out our services please visit us. We are proud to serve Everett and the following areas: Marysville, Mill Creek, Monroe and Edmonds.

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